I hate pun titles. This is officially the last one I’ll ever do, I promise. They are never good and are the bane of wildlife blogging. I’m sure Egrets, I’ve had a few has been used at least 18 million times.

I went along with the East Yorkshire Bat Group to check on some boxes at a nearby nature reserve.  The culmination of which was 4 species of bat, one completely new to me. I think it would be safe to say it’s my favourite myotis bat, being that it’s first one I’ve encountered which is identifiable. Also, it was utterly beguiling.

Here it is, shouting about something or another.


The pan-lister in me stirred when I noticed a small mite on it’s wing that can be seen here.

Natterer's and Spinturnix myoti

All my research points to it being Spinturnix myoti, a specialist of myotis bats and from what I can gather from my research, the only species to be found on a Natterer’s wing membranes.
Also, enjoy this noctule bat looking adorable.