Here is our attempt to encourage people to get people interested in keeping an eye for interesting species on their local patches whilst also improving identification skills. The general premise is to identify as many animals, plants and fungi to species level during the calendar year within their local patches.

The current spreadsheet can be viewed here


1. Identify as many animals, plants and fungi to species level within the year. No bacteria or viruses. That would be insane.

2. Size of patch should be under 100 acres. This can be found out using this tool. The patch doesn’t have to be entirely connected but all parts should be within a mile of each other (like this). Different participants may share the same patch. Participants may also have more than one patch

3. As species can be counted as identified by being seen, heard or having a photo identified within the patch limit. Strong circumstantial evidence (such as footprint, droppings or dead specimens) can also be counted. Dubious entries may be questioned but most identifications will be left to the discretion of the patch owner.

4. Feral species, escapees, introductions and hybrids will be judged on a species to species basis, but largely up to the discretion of the patch owner.

5. Entry to league is started once a participants has emailed me at robertjaques26 @ I will then send them a link allowing them to edit their own page of the

2013 Results