Like all naturalists, the sight of the North Yorkshire coast can buoy the heart with potential. That is because it has slugs. Wonderful slugs. Slugs with character and an origin story, much like a mucus-coated Batman.

Fylingthorpe Slug

Have you seen anything as beautiful in your entire life? The Fylingthorpe Slug Limax dacampi is restricted to a small area of North Yorkshire around the Fylingthorpe Boarding School, which can be accessed through a public footpath that runs through the grounds of the school. The story goes that the slugs were introduced from their native Italy when marble was imported for a fireplace.

When I visited the school seemed to be filled with French teenagers, so my assumption is that the slugs live on discarded chocolate croissants tossed from the top floor windows during sessions of smoking clove cigarettes while jazz plays in the background.

Here is a final picture of it trying to steal a pound
Fylingthorpe Slug