Added a few a few new species to my patch list today – Stock Dove, Great Spotted Woodpecker and Nuthatch, to name a few. Also added my first butterfly, Large White, in the form a chrysalis on the wall of The Lodge.

Also had a couple of species which I’m not 100% about:

Jelly fungus

I think this is likely Tremella encephala, but I’ve put it on ispot to try and get a solid ID.

I also saw this shieldbug nymph:

Shieldbug nymph

Which I think is likely to be Common Green Shieldbug or Forest Shieldbug. Once again, it’s on ispot for confirmation.


Forest Shieldbug has been confirmed on ispot, the fungus, however, is a little more complicated and is likely to be a species in the genus Ascocoryne. One new species for the patch list anyway.