I really should try to come up with a subject for a post, but instead I’ll try to recap the last 2 months worth of activities.

Patch League

Trundling along as ever, like Hannibal’s elephants.

Some rather surprising records have been gathered. Africa‘s juvenile nuthatch was particularly odd. If you aren’t from East Yorkshire you are probably thinking to yourself “Nuthatch? Highlight? I’ve stood on twelve as I walked to my car, laughing as their puny avian bones crunched under my enormous primate feet. Ha”. But we are somewhat lacking in nuthatch. Probably because we have about 6 oak trees in the county. That’s an estimate obviously, it’s probably significantly less.

James has rock pools on his patch so he just has to offer a pint of blood and hair to Poseidon  once a week and he magically gathers hundreds of lobsters. It’s unfair really.

My personal peak was a little ringed plover feeding on the banks of the river. It shouldn’t have been there and without having seen it since I can only presume it has learnt it’s lesson.

I’m already plotting next years patch league. Can things be improved? I’d like an easier way to tally up species counts, as everybody has there own way of spreadsheeting, and not all of them are amazingly helpful. I’m ungrateful swine really.

Moth surprises

The year was 2013, late June if memory serves me correct. Someone was sitting on the throne and two litre bottles of pepsi were at their cheapest ever price. Heady days they were, salad days in fact. I arrived home from my office doldrums to be told of a creature seen in my partner’s parent’s garden. “Like a moth but waspy” was the description. I inquired as to were it was seen. “On the currant bushes”. My heart went a flutter. I regretted selling my fainting couch. I regretted taking my tightening my corset even more that afternoon. I surmised that a currant clearwing had been seen. After seeing a picture of the wee critter it was confirmed. So I went to see them on the next warm and found this:

Currant Clearwing
Going at it like drunks at a wedding. Or parisians in a back alley. Or something else foul.

North Yorkshire

Having finished an extended chunk of office misery, I deemed a holiday was in order. Where did I go you might wonder? The jungles of West Africa? The plains of America? Scarborough? It was the last one. I went to Scarborough. I really can’t afford the others. Despite the less than ideal weather I had a fine time, seeing several new orchids (the whores of the flower world) and bothering some butterflies.

Fly Orchid

Dark Green Fritillary

Red necked footmen
White Letter Hairstreak

Saw one in Hull. It can be added to list of nice things in Hull. I’m up to 5 nice things in hull now. This was another:
Speckled bush cricket