Patch got good. A combination of fine weather and no people on the park meant I got some cracking stuff before the muggles trampled over everything I hold dear.

Finding a poplar hawk moth without a moth trap was an unexpected treat.
Poplar Hawkmoth
Who could not enjoy meeting that cuddly beast? A soulless facade of a human. that’s who. After our intimate photoshoot I spent 5 minutes constructing an elaborate tent to calm the paranoid idea that some cretin would crush it under their heel. I could tell it appreciated my effort when it winked as I strolled off.

Another highlight was my first ever eel. I say my first eel, but I have seen them being battered to death by herons, but it never felt quite right. I took a picture but there is honestly no point in showing it. Just imagine a brown picture with a slightly lighter brown streak in the middle. Now make it worse. Now get rid of all of that and replace it with a bad picture of an eel. That’s exactly what it looked like.

New hoverflies and plants where also sought out, and found. Personal favourite plant was probably this bush vetch.

Bush Vetch
That’s nice, isn’t it?

A further foray later in the week scored this stonker of a beetle
Dytiscus marginalus
Managed to key it out to Dytiscus marginalus thanks to close investigation of it’s metasternum, which is a new word for me. I have a photo of the aforementioned appendage but haven’t managed to find the cable for that camera, so it shall wait for another day.

I also saw round-leaved sundew at Fen Bog in between. I’m mentioning it purely because it’s my first carnivorous plant and it’s my blog so I can talk about what I want. Next week it’s tricks for cooking spaghetti.
Round-Leaved Sundew