Another month has passed so we all know what that means. CHAAAAAAAARTSSSSSSSSS.

February bar chart February pie chartsThe more eagle-eyed of data enthusiasts will notice that Richard Comont’s score has gone down. This isn’t due to nefarious deeds or some benevolent lord penalising his efforts, it’s my absurd in ability to notice simple things. I misread his spreadsheet. Let’s all agree to forget it ever happened.
People seem to building up numbers impressively but not quite at the same rate as last month. My imagining this is largely due to poor weather, and most of the species present will be largely the same as last month. The few warm days that one would hope for February seemed few and far between. A few people have had the first amphibians of the year pop up, and a smattering of spring insect life has been seen.
Whereas last month birds seemed to the make the majority of species seen, this months biggest increases seemed to be plant life.  Africa has been particularly rampant botanically, nearly tripling an already impressive amount of greenery.
Species of particular note from the last month included-

The first odonata (in the form of common blue and azure nymphs) from my goodself

Dipper from Mr. Harding-Morris

Red Kite from Stacey

Alexandrine Parrot from Jess

Next month should see a big increase of inverts, hopefully some bees and the vast drippings of spring migration to arrive back.

Current tallies can be seen here