A snappy title I know.

So I was going to go along a similar theme to James’ recent heron post but then I reached a dilemma. His post had herons eating things slightly out of the ordinary. Greater Black Backed Gulls (hereby referred as GBBGs) eat awesome things all of the time. They seem to particularly like puffins. Like in here and here.  In fact, these videos show how adept they are at plucking charismatic auks from the sky.

Obviously restricting yourself to puffins when plenty of other adorable auks are going about with intact souls seems rather foolish.

It almost certainly didn’t want this to happen

This guillemot probably wanted to open a school for orphans.

Ducks are fair game, and often eaten in the sea, as if mocking a duck for daring to take on the sea.

Go on. Taste the salt water.

I’m fairly sure most birds are fair game. I’m not expert but this probably a cassowary chick (ok, its a bar tailed godwit, but nonetheless impressive. This mallard probably had a family just out of shot. It’s ok, as the GBBG helped the orphaned youngsters learn to fly. HAHHAHHAHA no it didn’t, it ate them.

I think this is a water rail, but it doesn’t really matter, as it’s essence was drained through it’s eyes as it drew it’s final breath. Shearwaters are treat similarly.

Probably best of all is this GBBG preying on an adult grey heron. A simpleton might thinking it’s trying to nab the fish, but that would be a basic for my taste.

This was probably done for a laugh. Impressive team work though. High fives all round.

It might seem impressive that a heron can eat a rabbit. Well it’s more impressive when a GBBG does it, because it’s probably just showing off or scaring a nun. Or explaining tidal patterns.

Of course, what would be the best way for a GBBG to harvest the most souls? Eating lots of small things? Obviously not, as the amount of soul is based on the size of the animal and krill have no moral compass. No, obviously the best way to get a lot of hearty nourishing souls quickly would be to just eat another GBBG.  Unfortunately it’s not quite as easy as it sounds. It’s basically watching gods fight while us mere mortals look on in pathetic terror.

Other gulls are fair game though. Especially when backed by the warm glow of the setting sun.

I like the wilted sigh of the cameraman towards the end. It perfectly captures the sense of bleakness GBBGs leave us with.

They can’t be all bad though. Some seem to enjoy some light puppetry.

Dance for me, my pretty

They can also dabble in other arts. It seems to be telling me something about the futility of being.

Edit –

Africa Gomez reminds me of this beauty. Optometrist to the sea