To celebrate the first exciting month of patch league I felt a quick round up was in order, and is there a better way to show the progress so far than some colourful charts?  Of course there is isn’t.

January pie charts patch league 2013

January bar chart patch league 2013

I’m little disgusted by how well this is going, especially given how I’m now in 4th place. I slowed down a lot while the snow was about and I noticed most people had a predictable drop in activity around that time. Birds seem to be making the vast majority of peoples scores, but I’m imagining invertebrates will overtake once some warm sets in.

And there is also badges to dole out. I’m still planning on making actual badges (because why wouldn’t you?) but I will be putting them on each individual patch leaguers page. 3 people have already got 50 birds (which I foolishly thought would be difficult), 3 people have 100 species. I’m also considering the next badges to be made. My personal favourite will be the thief badge, which can be achieved by finding a species someone hasn’t found yet on their patch. 

Some rather special have shown up on peoples patches, with highlights being glaucous gull, ring necked parakeet, slavonian grebe and firecrest.

I imagine you are like “woah, how do i get in on this hot patch league pie chartaction?”. Well just click on the patch league link at the top, dummy.