It’s all kicking off now.

I ecstatically found geese on my patch. I’ve never seen a goose stay still on Oak Road before, with my 2 previous sightings being fly-over canada geese, but the flooded sports fields held 50+ canadas, 2 greylags and 2 mute swans which wheren’t the usual pair from the pond (I know because I checked). A couple more weeks of this and I may even get a couple of waders showing up or a fancy duck. And the icing on the cake is that the water and mud is putting off a lot of dog walkers, the bane of my patch and very existence.

James, without internet, as been informing me of his patch updates from the ye olde telephone and has bagged himself the first herp for the year (a toad under some wood) and has reached double figures for molluscs alone.

We also have two new members in the form of Africa Gomez and Richard Comont. Africa has blazed a mighty and impressive trail with spiders and pond snails but Richard joined and immediately took current lead with 79 species of plant alone.

Current tallies can be seen here

And if anyone has any interest in joining then just click on the patch league tab on the top of the page for more information. There will be badges dammit. BADGES.