In lieu of full time employment but too busy for any far ranging expeditions, I have actually been putting effort into the local patch. Oh, what a sickeningly fruitless endeavour it has been. Even with the patch being largely deserted by muggles, the sightings of rare and unusual birds have been non-existent. A jay would have been nice. The country is apparently chock full of them, due to the European acorn-pocalypse, but apparently my scrappy bit of parkland isn’t good enough for a starving crow. Even the long tailed tits seem to have lost their charm and having become a jeering omnipresence, mocking me with their petulant calls. The follow diary shows how it unfolded:

Day 1: “Oh look, some long tailed tits. What a rare treat. I may write a sonnet describing their beauty.”

Day 2: “Oh. More long tailed tits. Still nice. I may bring them some crisps and lemonade in the morrow.”


I also saw a cormorant nearly fly into a wind turbine. It managed to change direction, because it wasn’t an idiot. As I saw it making its way to the blade I did become concerned that every piece of anti-wind farm propaganda may be correct. It wasn’t. I’m sure some birds have collisions, but I doubt any of the people who use that argument have given up driving to protect hedgehogs, so they can go to hell. Yeah, that’s right, politics. I’m a regular Ian Hislop.

I’m hoping the lack of interest on oak road is just due to a slow time of year. The summer’s reptiles and insects have all sheltered in their respective hollows and dens and none of the good winter birds will start appearing in earnest for at least another month (at least not in an urban park). I’ll give it another go in the morning but I’m imagining spending more than half an hour may result in suicidal thoughts.

I’ll put some trip reports and pictures up soon but that would involve genuine effort, not just a late night rant.