Where the fudge have we been? Battling our inner demons? Overcoming terrible addictions? Fiddling with ourselves in a darkened room? All of the above, and more, and a little nugget of actual work. Also some nature, but a lot less than any one would hope for.

Although we are apparently not ‘doing birds’ this year there has been plenty, including some borderline twitches on both our parts. But we’d have to cold dead men to not want to go see a black winged stilt. They are such impractical birds. I refuse to believe they can remain upright on those spindly excuses for legs and probably hover a foot above the ground using some form of ancient magic. Their ‘legs’ are probably just some strands of strawberry liquorice they dangle from their useless hips for the sake of appearances.

On the herptile front there has been some fun developments. I appear to have finally worked out adders, having several stunning views this year in the March hotness. A recent trip down south for introduced species (I’m sure a full post will be done soon) allowed some views of pool and edible frog along with a sexy terrapin but we missed out on aesculapian snake because we were acting like idiots. A cancelled trip to Dorset due to shoddy weather also put a stop to seeing green, wall and sand lizard for the time being. I lay awake at night thinking what could have been.

Hopefully I’ll be chucking on a bunch of pictures sometime soon and one of us will do a proper write up of everything we’ve seen but right now I seem to have forgotten everything that happened before a week ago. There is a Lincolnshire trip to write up, a few successful goes at Spurn and the aforementioned  introduced species-a-thon. All tales riddled with disappointed, moments of ecstasy and huge amounts of recreational drugs and possibly knife fights.