First some proof to back up my titular claims:

Even local photographer Tony Mclean fell under its tempting spell:

Anyways, my dear friend Steve came to visit me in Scarborough, and he definitely had no other reason for visiting other than spending time with me. We decided to go for a walk through Peasholm Park, our previous ‘patch’, if you will, from when Steve used to live in Scarborough. As we walked through the park, we reminisced about the Kingfisher we had seen here occasionally over the past few years, but had not seen this year. Amusingly, when  we reached the lake, a local birder pointed out a Kingfisher sat amongst the reeds. Just goes to show, eh? But I’m not sure what.

Steve’s video of Kingfisher:

The Kingfisher was not the only bird of any note though, certainly not. A Dipper had been seen on the streams (which we had just walked past without seeing anything) and there had been, mere minutes ago, a Scaup on the lake. The Scaup, however, had disappeared only seconds before we arrived . Three possibilities occurred to us, either the duck had flown off, or swum behind the island, or had been eaten by an enormous fish. Thinking that it swimming behind the island was the most likely, we split up. Rachel walked round the island to the left, and me and Steve walked to the right. Of course, with me and Steve each having a pair of binoculars and Rachel not having any, as well as us having more experience to draw on, it was obvious that that Rachel would spot the Scaup first. So she did.

I’d be tempted to identify it as a first-winter male, but take that with a pinch of salt, as you could count the amount of Scaup I’ve seen on the fingers of both hands (including thumbs) with only two spare. So, eight then.

Rachel also spotted a Pochard on the lake, which is the first time I’ve seen this species here. One day I’ll have to write up a full ‘Peasholm List’ with all the birds and stuff that I’ve seen here but I’m too lazy to do it now.